This is the guide for the DHL Shopify Integration.

DHL Shopify Integration

The DHL Shopify Integration is an add-on to your Shopify shop that gives you two enhancements:

  • DHL Preferred Delivery Services (at home + locations)
  • DHL Shipping
  • DHL eCommerce (beta)

The feature “DHL Wunschpaket” allows you to offer your customers additional services for an individual parcel receipt directly in your web shop. It adds alternative delivery options to all address forms in the front end. If the customer enters his home address and chooses a preferred location or preferred neighbor, the parcel can also be delivered in his absence. Besides, your customers can indicate a preferred day or time for the delivery. The services chosen by your customer in the frontend are automatically transmitted to the backend and are then forwarded to DHL alongside with the electronic shipment data. In addition a location finder: integrates all delivery addresses of DHL Packstations, parcelshops and post offices in your webshop which will automatically be transmitted in the delivery address.

Settings for shop owner:

  • Enable/Disable Location search
  • Enter Google Maps API Key
  • Enable/Disable PreferedLocation
  • Enable/Disable PreferedNeighbour
  • Enable/Disable PreferedTime
  • Save and Test (API call for instant Feedback)

Note: Please note that the preferred delivery services are only offered for shipping within Germany.

DHL Shipping

The DHL Shipping enables shop owners to easily create and print DHL package labels to make the shipment by DHL as simple as possible.

With the integrated shipping logistics system “DHL Ship”, you create and organize shipping labels directly in the backend of Shopify. The app supports the shipping from Germany.
It is based on the latest business customer API (GK-API) and offers the booking of additional delivery services e. g. the visual check of age.
Note: The plugin does not support DHL Intraship.

Settings for shop owner:

  • General
  • DHL User
  • DHL Password
  • DHL EKP Number
  • DHL national participation (Teilnahme National)
  • DHL international participation (Teilnahme International)
  • Weightflat (Gewichtsflat)
  • Cash on delivery - enable
  • account holder (Kontoinhaber)
  • bank name (Name der Bank)
  • IBAN
  • BIC

DHL eCommerce (beta)

Adding DHL eCommerce shipping services to your store will enable you to create labels for your domestic and international orders. Please check the availability of DHL eCommerce shipping products by sender country in the overview below:

If you are interested to join our closed beta, please contact us under for further details.
DHL eCommerce provides the following shipping services: