How to

In this guide you will find a description on how to use your new DHL Shopify Integration

How to create a shipping label

Shop owners can easily create labels for a DHL shipment by using the DHL Shopify Integration. Besides, the interface allows a transfer of all orders to the DHL Business Customer Portal where labels can be generated as well.

  • Go to the orders overview of your shop

  • Chose the order you want to create the DHL label for

  • Chose in the “More Actions” menu “Create DHL Label”

Order Details

On the overview page you will find all the details for this order:

  • Shipping address: if your customer has chosen a DHL packing station, a second address will be displayed on the right side.
  • Order Infos

  • Additional Options: These settings are pre-filled with the default settings you can change for your shop in the settings of the DHL Shopify Integration App. Nethertheless you have always the option to change most of the default values for each order.

Create Shipment

As soon as you are ready to create your label for this order, click “Create Shipment”.
You will be forwarded to a page with a summary and the newly created shipment number for reference.

To print the shipment label click “Get Shipment Label PDF”.